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Welcome to the Secret Duck Society.

All Ducks are equal, but some are more equal than others.


Out of the 5.1 Billion + possible candidates, these 6,666 Ducks were randomly selected to form the Secret Duck Society. It took a long time to take their portraits.. had to get them all in a row. Each duck represents a membership to the SDS DAO.


We hope you enjoy the collection.


Available on:




What is the Secret
Duck Society?

     Hey you! Ya you. Sitting in front of the computer, with the helmet on. Let me tell you a little secret. The Flock and I are building something new. After our supreme leader, Gary, led the great migration from ethereum to solanaland, the low cost of living has led to an explosion in population. However, this brought its own set of conflicts: gang violence, disease, famine. When the rolling blackouts started hitting our network, that's when all hell broke loose. Not before long, our utopia was crumbling.

     As a result, a select few of us have decided to form the 'Secret Duck Society'. Our mandate is to control and manipulate the strings of power in the solana metaverse.. for the betterment of ourselves. The cost of membership requires the sacrifice of only part of a SOL. A small price to pay for salvation.

This is your opportunity.




The Secret Duck Society comes in all shapes and colors. With over 100 different assets and more than 150 Million possible combinations, we built an algorithm to randomly generate 6,666 unique ducks.  





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TheButler, thorough and dependable, is our marketing caretaker. He has extensive knowledge and experience as a social media manager in cypto and brings to the table invaluable insights to the direction of the project.


Mr. McDuck

  • Twitter

Mr. McDuck is our team lead and mentor. He lives on the bleeding edge of crypto, and brings out the best in those he takes under his wing. Only a few months ago this project was but a twinkle in his eyes.



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The blockchain begins and ends with DuckDuckDev. After working in big tech for 7 years, he migrated into blockchain development where warmer weather lay. He has built several cutting edge defi projects in ethereum, and has since set his sights on helping advise and create NFT projects.



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0xDuckDodger, our community manager, has been in the crypto game for longer than any of us can remember. When he is passionate about NFTs and Solana, you know its the place to be. He thrives creating and growing communities.



  • Twitter

Marz likes to create stuff. When she showed us the first renders of the ducks, we were simply amazed with her creative prowess. 



We like to joke around, but let’s get serious for a second.


Stage 1 - Getting our Ducks in a Row:


Our mission statement is to empower creators and collectors. From that, The Secret Duck Society was born as a launching point for our aspirations. We're all early in this space, and there is much needed infrastructure that needs building. We're here to do our part. With that said, even with a dope roadmap, you still need a reason to own these NFTs. So, we set out with three goals in mind for our ducks:


1. They need to be cute af. 

2. The mint should be fair and seamless.

3. Holders need a reason to engage in the community. 



Stage 4 - Empowering the Creator


The NFT community stands on the shoulders of the open source giants who came before us. They've inspired us. We aim to make it even easier for creators and artists to find the resources they need to turn their creations into real crypto projects. This includes building our own Domain-Specific Language (DSL) for NFT creation and distribution, along with other awesome, easy-to-use tools. It shouldn't take hiring a developer to get your art onto the blockchain or to integrate web3 into your site. Along with building new tools, we will be prioritizing contributing to existing open source repos wherever possible. We have lofty ambitions, and to achieve them all, we will be bringing in an additional killer dev post-launch. Best of all, all our code for this project along with any tools we create will be made open source! Find us on GitHub for a first taste.


Stage 2 - The Mint


The mint sets the stage for the entire lifecycle of an NFT collection. A smooth and seamless minting experience is a must. Site crashes or failed transactions can ruin community sentiment. Therefore, we are emphasizing high traffic stress testing on our mint site prior to launch. The team is also hard at work securing partnerships with secondary marketplaces, so that the transition from mint to market is butter. 

Stage 3 - Unleashing the SDS DAO


Community follows utility. Our holders are getting a front-row, interactive seat to our roadmap. We are putting 15% of the mint proceeds and 25% of secondary fees towards building the SDS DAO, which is entirely community managed. The SDS will vote on how we spend those funds. We could donate them to charity, buy the floor, invest in other up-and-coming crypto projects. The possibilities are endless. In addition to this, coming in 2021 Q4, our 2nd generation SDS collection will be 100% distributed through free airdrops to ALL holders. Think of it as a holiday gift from us to you. Lastly, we have a second extremely exclusive and low supply project planned for 2022 that ties into the lore of the Secret Duck Society. Mint passes for this will be handed out on a lottery basis to SDS members.


Stage 5 - Empowering the Investor


Alongside building for creators, we see massive potential for new tools to help empower investors to find the right projects for them. There are so many sites, forums, and marketplaces in the NFT space, it is difficult for investors to see the forest through the trees. We are already in talks with crypto analytics experts and data scientists about NFT analytics tools that will change how investors are able to view the NFT metaverse. Can we build something chain agnostic with broad scope to see the trends, but laser focused metrics to help you drill down to the right NFT? More info to come on this in 2022. As always, it pays to be an SDS member here. Holders will have first access as beta testers!

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